pink heals hays county


The Mission of the Pink Heals is to inspire communities to come together for the love of their people and not one specific disease or cause. By putting our women and their family first, we all have to come to the table in support! The Pink Heals program is in place in numerous chapters around the US to create a program that provides immediate care for our community without raising taxes & by making sure that all of our volunteerism & proceeds stay local! Pink Heals is not just about breast cancer and is not just an awareness campaign.  By having these pink trucks in your community, we help raise funds & create immediate care for those most in need. We are here to serve our community.  With this program, your efforts and money are used 100% locally, serving the people in your community – our neighbors.  Those who you interact with locally everyday… the ones who teach your kids, deliver your mail, fire, police, EMS, city & county workers, our restaurant workers & so many more.    Pink Heals targets people, not a specific disease. Although our main focus is the fight against cancer, we are here to serve those in need period. Our goal is to protect the women in our lives; mothers, wives, daughters, who need our help regardless of their battle. This program is setting the example nationally by truly being a non-profit; we are providing an environment through the pink fire trucks that is about love and hope FIRST and about money second. Most importantly,  it’s all VOLUNTEER - we have no employees & NO SALARIES.  As these Pink Fire Trucks travel from state to state and city to city, they inspire; they bring the feel of love and caring right to the doorstep of those in need of it most. In our program, we share our Trucks for FREE with communities, so they can raise money and give it to organizations that help their women and families. Communities that hear this message are using this program and building a pink fire truck every three weeks around the World.